2010 Kawaii hair styles for girls -girls cute hairstyles

Asian Kawaii hair styles which have recently become quite popular, originate from Japan. The word kawaii is Japanese for cute and refers to a culture that sprang up around the 1970's that focused on cuteness in a variety of aspects of life including clothing, entertainment, and personal appearance. Kawaii hair styles vary widely with some characterized by a very soft, flowing look featuring large waves or curls at the end of the hair, while others feature short chunky pieces cut in an asymmetrical style that require lots of styling gel to hold everything in place.

If you would just like to experiment with Kawaii hair styles without making the actual cut there are many different stores that sell Kawaii wigs. Kawaii wigs are available in a large variety of lengths and styles and most merchants will allow you to choose your own color for the wig. Streaks of unusual colors (think pink or electric blue) are another characteristic frequently associated with Kawaiihair styles. Opposed to actually dyeing your hair, you could pick up a few colored clip-on hair extensions to get the look without the work and possible damage you could do to your hair with dye. Kawaii hair styles are cute and trendy and may be just right for you.

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