Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyles

Celebrity haircuts are back with more on Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyle. How to get this amazing
bob haircut, read bellow.

Use high quality texture Shampoo, texture Shampoo helps to gives your hair more volume before you even leave the shower curtains. Towel dry and apply some AntiFrizz.
If you have weak roots and need some extra lift try some Root Boost products, it should help a lot. Try to get a type of round brush that conducts the heat from your blow dryer. As you blow dry brush the hair forward, this will give you more movement in your bob hair.

Once your hair is dry, you can use some wax to control some longer parts of your hair. Don’t use too much wax, a thin application will do just fine. Just remember that this style doesn't have to be straight, many celebrities and models like to wear the "messy bob style". Just try to find a solution that suits you best.

More celebrity haircuts soon.

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